Is it safe to use Katchyka?Yes and no, Katchyka is safe to use since most of your personal details are not asked by Katchyka. You do not have to sign up for chatting online. Simply typing a nickname allows you to use the system without the hassle of verifying your email. But you still have to be cautious since the internet community is full of predators other scheming individuals.
Are the users using Katchyka real people?Yes, Katchyka is filtering messages and automatically reviewing it to get rid of bots in the system. Users also can flag/report these suspicious messages for us to take actions on them in a swift manner.
Can I send photos and files in Katchyka?No, file sharing, and sending photos is not available in Katchyka however you can upload it in any file/image hosting site and share the link in the chat box.
Do I have to pay for features of Katchyka?No! Katchyka is providing completely free chat.
Will I stay anonymous when using Katchyka?Yes, you are purely anonymous since you don’t really have an active account that is stored in the servers and you can change your nickname whenever you want to. However, being anonymous is your choice when using Katchyka since you can still share your personal details by chatting with other users in which our team highly discourages you to do so.
Does Katchyka support other languages?Yes and no. The text on the chat box sent by users can be translated into another language, but the dashboard is only available in English.
Do I need to stay logged in to be available for chats?Yes, you need to have Katchyka open and be logged in since Katchyka doesn’t need registration so your account won’t be saved in our servers.
Does Katchyka work on mobile?Yes, Katchyka’s system is mobile-optimized yet we are still aiming to develop a mobile app in further developments.
Loving Katchyka! How can I help promote it?Let us know what you think of Katchyka on social media. We love getting your feedback on Facebook and Twitter.